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NDW16 - 14th of March 2020

This is a one off 16 mile run on the North Downs Way from Guildford Train Station to Box Hill.  First come / first served.  Limit of 25 places.

We are qualified Run Leaders with a UKA LiRF qualification.  This allows us to take a group of runners out and carry insurance under UK Athletics. This is a social GROUP run and is NOT a race.  Any profit goes back into making our podcast happen.

Start: 09:45.  Guildford Train Station front entrance.

Finish: Approx 1pm.  Smith and Western, Box Hill

There is an entry fee of £11. We are not looking to make a profit.  As well as keeping the podcast alive, your entry fee will be spent on the following:

1. A guided run along the North Downs Way

2. A drop bag service from Guildford to Box Hill in order for you to change for optional lunch.

3.  BoR Merch (Magnet or Mat)

4. A return transfer to the start if it is needed after lunch. 

Please consider joining us via the below link...

The NDW16