Rob and Simon speak with Vanessa Brewster.  300 lifetime marathons, loads of ultra marathons and London marathon finisher a staggering 29 times!  

S2 Ep15 - Pete Mizzi

The boys settle in for a pub chat with Pete Mizzi a global marathon runner on a quest to reach 100 marathons.  The boys chat to Pete about his journey...View Details

Rob and Simon are joined by bakers, runners, race directors of SVN and fountains of knowledge for all things running Traviss Willcox & Rachael Smi...View Details

Rob and Simon are joined with with friend, ultra runner and pioneer of the garden marathon Gareth Allen. 

Rob and Simon are joined by friend Karen Webber to discuss their plans during the "event" that is Corona. Contains strong language.

Rob and Simon are joined by multi day endurance runners Victoria Fakkel, Ollie Dawson and Rik Vercoe for a FAQ session on running 10 half/full/ultra m...View Details

S2 Ep10 - Simon Staples

Jon and Rob get to chat to Simon Staples, a multiple marathon runner with over 50 wins, a Guinness world record holder and run coach about sub 3hour f...View Details

S2 Ep9 - James Elson

Rob and Simon are joined by team GB Ultra Runner but more importantly for the boys, race director from Centurion Running James Elson. This is a must l...View Details

S2 Ep8 - Lisa Jackson

Rob and Simon are joined by Lisa Jackson author of Your Pace or Mine to discuss her passion for fancy dress, coming last in marathons and her passion ...View Details

Totally unedited! Rob and Simon talk about their main focus for 2020 - The Centurion Grand Slam.

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