S1 Ep 9 - Vee Calver

The boys are joined by Vee Calver, queen of the Harlow parkrun with 100 runs and 200 volunteering stints. Rob and Simon talk to the lady who has hel...View Details

S1 Ep 8 - Q&A Part 1

Left to their own devices this week Rob and Simon have a Q&A session from questions put to them from the Band of Runners (Podcast) facebook page.

S1 Ep 7 - Jon Ward

Rob and Simon talk with Jon Ward.  Jon is a multi day marathon runner with some very interesting races on his spreadsheet including a marathon on a c...View Details

S1 Ep 6 - 1066 Special

Rob and Simon are joined by a group of runners who recently completed the inaugural 1066 ultra marathon.  A 104 mile ultra marathon with limited chec...View Details

S1 Ep 5 - Paul Commons

Rob and Simon talk to Paul Commons, a huge supporter of other runners, encouraging, supportive and infatuated with scotch eggs. An inspirational runne...View Details

Having recently ran her 100th marathon Kasia joins Rob and Simon to talk through her journey to 100 marathons including some insanely challenging moun...View Details

S1 Ep 3 - Matt Johnston

Rob and Simon are joined by multiple day ultra marathon runner Matt Johnston who tells the lads about running 5 ultras in 4 days and how he manages to...View Details

In this edition Rob and Simon swap their marathon spread sheets and get to talk to Kerrilee Barrett. An extraordinary multi day running specialist, Ke...View Details

S1 Ep 1 - Pilot

Rob and Simon are near enough strangers but both love long distance running. In this episode the boys talk about how they found each other, their firs...View Details

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